Studer has buyer for ECUA land

Yesterday on “Pensacola Speaks,” Quint Studer said that Studer Properties has an offer on the former ECUA Main Street Sewage Plant site.

“We’ve got a serious person right now looking at it,” he said. “In fact, we have an initial offer on it, and we’re countering ’em, which I think would be wonderful for the community.”

He added, “We don’t have that from Jay. We do have it from another person, who’s very interested in making something special on that property.”

The city block on Main Street near the Community Maritime Park is one of the sites Jay Patel has mentioned an option for his proposed arena and field house.

Studer said that Andrew Rothfeder of Studer Properties did talk with Patel, but no commitment or offer came out of those discussions. Patel wanted to know if the Studers would be willing to sell the land.

He said, “And, of course, we said yes. But I think that’s far as it’d gotten.”

Studer added, “The main thing we’re always interested in is that whoever purchased that property do something that’s really right for the long-term…And, as you know, you’re committed, I’m committed, to that west side of Pensacola.”


3 thoughts on “Studer has buyer for ECUA land

  1. Will our community, The Tanyards, be informed and allowed to voice our concerns over what ever project ends up surrounding our homes and businesses? Unlike, the Government Street Retention Pond that will not work, is a year behind completion, unregulated contruction site… and the traffic that comes with any project.

  2. Dale,
    Your ‘facts’ are wrong. The City of Pensacola never owned the ECUA site. Mayor Hayward had asked for a right of refusal if ECUA had another offer and then retracted the request.

    The first offer came from a Texas company, HT Land. That deal fell apart after the company’s president was arrested for a DUI and the ECUA board asked for a $50,000 nonrefundable payment before beginning a 180-day due diligence period on the property.

    The land sat for over a year until the Studers made an offer in November 2014 to buy the site from ECUA for $5.2 million. Development of the site has been held up by the work on the Corrine Jones stormwater pond as the Studers let the contractors use the land as a staging area. Meanwhile,the Studers have invested over $50 million on Jefferson Street.

    What promises do you think the Studers made to the City?

  3. This is the FRAUD that is perpetrated upon Pensacola repeatedly.

    AS YOU RECALL – The city refused to sell this land unless you had some viable plan for development that they wanted to approve. A few deals fell through, no one wanted to touch it for all of the Government interference. I myself knew someone with interest, however, once his representatives looked into it he decided too risky. And his goal was to put a hotel there.

    Then comes along Studer — I am going to do this, and that and promising the world. NOTHING HAPPENS. The City bought that line of garbage same as the Maritime Park.

    Years later — still sitting there now Studer wants to sell the land except for THIS TIME… the City cannot meddle in their affairs and ANYTHING can go there.

    The STUPIDITY and INEPTITUDE of our leaders is staggering sometimes. I cannot imagine HOW they ever get elected other than the citizens that vote for them must be the most aloof people on the planet.

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