Teamwork saves kitten

The “feel good” story of the week involves the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, Escambia County Fire Rescue and a kitten.

Sheriff’s Facebook Page:

**UPDATE** After this photo was shared we found out the rest of the story…

K9 Deputy Tim Taylor happened upon the woman seen in the photo this morning. She was distraught because a tiny kitten had climbed up in the wheel of her car. Deputy Taylor stopped and worked to dislodge the frightened kitten who was hanging on for dear life. He realized he would need gloves for this job, so he called in the Escambia County Firemen who were properly equipped and together they rescued the kitten who was taken to a shelter to be checked out. The kitten made it through the ordeal just fine and will eventually be available for adoption.

(For adoption information on this or any of the sweet little guys in need of homes check out the Escambia County Shelter

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One of our friends shared this this morning: “I see so much trash being said in Facebook about our police and others who put their lives on the line to protect us. This morning, while driving to school, I passed a woman standing beside her broken down car. With her was a deputy who was obviously struggling to solve the issue with the car. On the way back through, there were four fireman and the deputy assisting… this isn’t necessarily their “job”… it was nice to see these guys going out of their way to help someone.”

Escambia County Community and Media Relations:

We received a call at 8:13 a.m. about a kitten stuck in a hubcap at the intersection of Airport and W Street. Brent Fire Station (Station 3) responded to the call. I have attached a photo of the firefighters with the kitten. The photo is by Julia M. Carney.

You can find a better picture of the kitten on The ID# is A267875. The kitten is a male, approximately six weeks old. They have named him “Spot” like the Dalmatians that are usually on the fire truck. He will be on a five-day stray hold. After that he will be evaluated and neutered and then be available for adoption.

@MyEscambia Tweet: Escambia County Fire Rescue, Sheriff’s Office team up to save kitten trapped in hubcap of car. #Escambia #teamwork