Underhill received most of Ed Gray’s contributions

Over the weekend, PNJ editorial cartoonist Andy Marlette went after all the political candidates that received campaign contributions from Ed Gray III, who recently pleaded no-contest to voyeurism and cyber stalking levied against him.

For some reason, Marlette even singled out Commissioner Lumon May.

But what wasn’t mentioned is Commissioner Doug Underhill received more that any other candidate since 2012 – $850 when he ran in 2014. Commissioner May only received one contribution over five years for $250 – long before any investigation into Gray was revealed.

Commissioner May wasn’t even the only Democrat to receive a contribution. Property Appraiser Chris Jones got a check in 2012.

No candidate took a check from Gray after he was arrested in September 2020–which sort of destroys Marlette’s point.


4/30/18 Benson, Lois ECUA, District 2 500
10/13/15 Bergosh, Jeff County Commissioner, Dt 1 250
2/3/12 Childers, Pamela Lynn Clerk of the Circuit Court 250
9/30/14 Citizens for Continuing Educational  Progress Political Committee 250
8/3/20 Escambia Childrens Trust Political Committee 248.18
6/28/12 Jones, Chris Property Appraiser 200
4/21/16 May, Lumon County Commissioner, D 3 250
4/24/12 Robertson, Wilson B. County Commissioner, D 1 250
11/22/13 Robinson , Grover C County Commissioner, D 4 250
10/20/17 Robinson , Grover C City of Pensacola Mayor 500
6/27/18 Spencer, Brian City of Pensacola Mayor 300
3/7/12 Stafford, David Supervisor of Elections 250
4/30/16 Stafford, David Supervisor of Elections 250
8/19/14 Underhill, Douglas Bret County Commissioner, D 2 350
10/28/14 Underhill, Douglas Bret County Commissioner, D 2 500
6/26/20 Walker, Larry ECUA, District 5 250
7/9/20 Wu, P.C. City Council, District 1 300



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  1. Just for the record. On July 9, 2020, Ed Gray donated $300 to P.C. Wu’s campaign. Gray was arrested on September 14, 2020. On October 14, 2020, Wu returned the $300 to Gray.

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