Vaccinations significantly down in Escambia County

Escambia County and the City of Pensacola need to change their messaging and spend more money promoting COVID-19 vaccinations after the Florida Department of Health’s report thant total vaccinations dropped 31% last week from 10,119 for April 12-18 to only 6,989 for April 19-25.

The number of people who received their first dose of a two-dose series declined 47.5% – from 4,904 to 2,573.

Only 37.7% of our adult population has been vaccinated.

There will be point when the lack of vaccinated residents will impact tourism, employee and new business recruitment and military transfers in Escambia County.



2 thoughts on “Vaccinations significantly down in Escambia County

  1. According to the 2019 Census Estimate, about 80% of Escambia County residents are 18 years of age or older (254,652). As of yesterday’s Florida Department of Health COVID-19 report, the number of people with “Series Complete” to include those as young as 16 is 68,535. That leaves “about” 186,117 adults in Escambia County yet to be vaccinated. I calculate the fully vaccinated rate in Escambia County to be about 27%. People seem to be losing interest and even fewer people are wearing masks in stores perhaps because so many believe that they are immune because they got their COVID-19 shots. The CRC recently put out some information worth reading by those who now believe they are immune –

  2. Maybe the city and county should divert resources from parking and portable bathrooms and get people vaccinated.
    How about a bloodmobile type facility near all the brewpubs?

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