Wahoos final report to CMPA tells how much team paid in 2012

Blue Wahoos have released their annual report for the Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees. The awards that the team and its management have received have been well publicized. The financial impact hasn’t.

According to the report, the team generated $765,867 for the CMPA:

  • $188,125 use fees for the stadium
  • $287,485 baseball ticket sales surcharges
  • $214,257 parking revenue
  • $76,000 non-baseball revenue – ticket surcharges, 20 percent of concession

Other impacts on the economy:

  • 1,960 hotel rooms booked by visiting teams, umpires and scouts.
  • Blue Wahoos employed 480 jobs, 2012 payroll $1.2 million

Additional contributions to the stadium –$2 million:

  • $288,000 replace bench seating with individual contoured seats
  • $500,000 upgrade concession equipment
  • $53,000 Wind curtains to protect concession area from flying pests
  • $4,500 All weather curtains for upper deck
  • $40,000 Second scoreboard


Also, Blue Wahoos loaned CMPA $57,870 – payable over 10 years, no interest

Read entire report:BlueWahoos_2012_Report_to_CMPA