Warrington Elks help Bellview Elementary

On Thursday, March 24, the Warrington Elks, Lodge #2108, oversaw the installation of new outdoor learning spaces for Bellview Elementary School. The spaces consist of thermoplastic outdoor grids:
● A multiplication grid
● A number line
● 2 hopscotch games

These installations were made possible by 2 grants totaling $4,000 made by the Elks to Bellview. In an interview with Dr. Melissa Groff, she said, “we had previously had a United Way project… we had had a group come out and do some sidewalk painting for us.” “They painted a hopscotch and different things that ran from our bus ramp up to the school, but it faded really fast.”

To ensure the markings would be more durable, the grids were manufactured by the company, EduMarking USA, which specializes in colorful, educational games that are durable, safe, and promote outdoor learning. These new spaces will help the students to:
● Build social and conflict resolutions skills
● Use their imagination and spark creative play
● Bring the classroom outdoors
● Learn while at play

Dr. Groff added, “when we’re in the classroom and we’re teaching any math skill, but especially multiplication, you’ve gotta get things out and you’ve got to let them see it, feel it, touch it, and do it. That’s the reference point for kids.”

The Warrington Elks have a passion for increasing educational opportunities for area children and are thrilled that this new installation will give them new avenues to engage and use their minds. They have also received approval to award a second $4,000 STEM grant that will fund an EduMarking USA installation for another area elementary school. The school will be selected soon.