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Tuesday October 21st 2014

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Notes: Charter Review Mar. 17

Much of Monday night's Charter Review Commission meeting centered around questioning City Manager Tom Bonfield on his duties, ethics, his relationship with the council, and leadership, or the lack thereof, in the city. All commission members were present for the meeting, which included [...]

Pensacola Beach No. 7

From Visit Florida: Four Florida Beaches Named Best in the U.S. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (March 17, 2008) – Four Florida beaches are being recognized as best in America by a popular online travel community. The Sunshine State dominates the list, with more Top 10 beaches in the U.S. than any other [...]

More Julin and Chiquita Brand lawsuit

The NY Times picked up this story today. The radio interview was powerful. Julin talked about the incident and how it tested her faith. Read Families Sue Chiquita in Deaths of 5 Men.

Radio: Tania Julin, Mark Rich’s widow

On IN Your Head Radio, I have Tania Julin, the widow of Mark Rich. Rich was one of three missionaries – Mark Rich, Dave Mankins and Rick Tenenoff – abducted on January 31, 1993 by the Colombian terrorist group known as “FARC” from the village of Púcuro, on the Panamanian-Colombian border. [...]

559 days since CMP vote

It has been 559 days since Pensacola voters approved the Community Maritime Park - or 1 year, 6 months, 12 days. 559 days can be converted to one of these units: * 48,297,600 seconds * 804,960 minutes * 13,416 hours * 79 weeks (rounded down) Meanwhile Springdale Ark who [...]

Pensacola loses again…to Dothan

Developer Ronnie Gilley plans to build a Branson, Mo. type entertainment complex near Dothan called Country Crossings. It will be on 766 acres on U.S. 231 off Alabama 109. The Houston County, Ala., County Commission approved the project on March 1. Check out Gilley’s Web site, [...]

More prison, more tax dollars

More prison, more tax dollars

There is a price for tough law-and-order policies. The Daily News reports that "state officials estimate Florida's prisons will swell to 100,000 inmates by year's end, with about 20 percent serving sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. Each prisoner costs more than $19,000 a year to incarcerate, [...]

Moby fails to see how growth works

Mark O'Brien doesn't understand how growth works. It's this statement in his Sunday column that has got me thinking: The pooh-bahs of Pensacola can promote downtown all they want, but Nine Mile Road and 12th Avenue are both thriving -- and they're doing it without lots of government aid and [...]

PNJ posters to answer for attacks

PNJ posters to answer for attacks

The most foul posters to the PNJ website may have themselves with more legal troubles than they ever counted on. This time it won’t be the News Journal that is outing them. One of targets of the constant, baseless attacks and lies is tired of the daily barrage pof slanderous posts. He plans [...]

Daily Editorial Photo 3.15.08

Daily Editorial Photo 3.15.08

Brought back by popular demand:

City Council attendance

The Pensacola City Council held 21 regular meetings in 2007. Mike DeSorbo missed 4. Marty Donovan and John Fogg missed 3 each. Ronald Townsend, Jewel Cannada-Wynn and PC Wu missed 2 each. Sam Hall and Jack Nobles missed 1 each. Mike Wiggins and John Jeralds made every regular meeting.

Bergosh still leaves early

School Board member Jeff Bergosh left yesterday's regular school board workshop early and did not return to complete the meeting. Obviously there is a problem since this has been happening nearly every month since the school board moved the workshops to the earlier time. Bergosh should ask [...]

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