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Monday July 6th 2015

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Meanwhile on Fox News

There is a rumble in the media that Gen. David Petraeus, not Al Gore deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Fox News featured several times over the weekend New York Sun editor Seth Lipsky, whose paper ran an editorial last week saying that Petraeus deserved the prize. According to the Sun, Petraeus [...]

Another general speaks out

On Friday, Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez called the Bush administration’s handling of the war incompetent and warned that the United States was “living a nightmare with no end in sight.” The New York Times reports that Sanchez is “the most senior in a string of retired generals to [...]

Touart “jumped the gun”

After watching the tapes, it is apparent that former County Administrator George Touart may have jumped the gun on his retirement. Whether he thought he had an agreement or he feared being fired - doesn't take away the fact that no agreement is final until voted on by the BOCC. He knew that and [...]

Video: BOCC argue over Whitehead stmts

Video: BOCC argue over Whitehead stmts

At the October 11 Committee of the Whole, the Escambia Board of County Commissioners discussed the PNJ article and Mike Whitehead's statements about three commissioners reneging on a deal with former County Administrator George Touart. Forgive the quality of the video, but listen to the words. If [...]

Studer Book – presales hit

Studer Book – presales hit

Quint Studer's latest book - Results That Last: Hardwiring Behaviors That Will Take Your Company to the Top  - is moving up the bestseller list of Amazon.com. #6 in      Books > Business & Investing > Economics > Development & Growth #7 in      Books > Business & Investing > Economics > [...]

Touart to run?

There is persistent rumor that former County Administrator George Touart plans to run for the Escambia County Commission - not in 2008 but 2010. I've heard it from two different sources, but have not confirmed it with Touart. This would make things interesting. Imagine if Touart would up his [...]

Whitehead calls out others

The PNJ reports that in an email that Commissioners White, Young and Valentino tricked County Administrator George Touart to resign and then reneged on the agreement. This is the same message that other Touart supporters have been saying around town for the past few weeks. There is one [...]

Naysayer claims CMP plan hoax

Got this post to the blog: Rick Outzen, Shame on you for linking to the PNJ hosted PDF file of the “latest” park features. That 16 page PDF file is a hoax. Print it out, then print out the real PDF file of the 09-26-2007 presentation hosted at the City’s website. Then compare the two [...]

St. Pete columnist: Don’t let readers ruin online

St. Pete columnist: Don’t let readers ruin online

St. Petersburg Times columnist Robyn Blumner would rather see readers post to online articles and opinions as value-added comments. Blumner rues the day when cyberspace editorial sections turn into "free-for-alls where every comment except the profane is welcome." Read: Blumner: Don't let reader [...]

In radio show breaks news

In radio show breaks news

Yesterday's In Your Head Radio made both WEAR TV and the News Journal, although we aren't named but called merely "a local radio show," for our interview with Escambia County School Board member Jeff Bergosh. WEAR TV: Bergosh Speaks Out About Godzilla The politician behind some [...]

Listen to Bergosh

Listen to Bergosh

Here is the audio of the IN Your Head Radio on NewsRadio 1620AM Bergosh


It's official. School Board member Jeff Bergosh is the "Godzilla" on pnj.com. Bergosh appeared on IN Your Head Radio today to give his side of the story (NewsRadio 1620 AM). Bergosh said about posting to pnj.com: "When the Pensacola News Journal created an anonymous forum, encouraging use of [...]

Bush won’t pay for kids health

President Bush vetoed a bill to expand the State's Child Health Insurance Program last week. The SCHIP was created to help the working poor who earned too much to qualify for Medicaid, but who still couldn't afford private insurance. Bush believes the plan would end up helping out middle income [...]

Bergosh saga

Bergosh saga

The News Journal is getting beat up on its website over the Jeff Bergosh/Godzilla story. There are three issues here: Should those who post to pnj.com have a right to privacy? Should an elected official use false names to promote himself and his political views on a blog or forum? Should [...]

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