City Papers: Main Street Project Vol. 1

Volume 1 of the Main Street Projects has 1,250 pages, which seem daunting to review but hundreds of the pages are duplications of the same memos, specifications and reports.

Roads, Inc of Northwest Florida was awarded the $1.4 million contract. There were four change orders, last including a $25,000 early completion bonus. The final construction costs was $1,441,523, only slight over the budget – $25,673 (only $673 if we don’t include the bonus). Change orders

A series of emails are at the end of the file show that Mayor Hayward made Steve Dana of Jerry Pate Design “officially a team member of the current Main St. Improvement project” in August 2011 – which is earlier than the contracts indicated. Dana_Team

In August, the mayor, Councilman Brian Spencer and Dana appear to have taken over the project. Dana submitted a Preliminary Plan Review on Aug. 29, 2011 – DanaPPR

The next day City Engineer Derrik Owens sent out an email: “This project has been placed on temporary hold and no further design work should take place until further notice after today. OwensHalt

Here are the files: a b c d