Morgan to cut check for statue (podcast)

On NewsTalk 1370 WCOA, former Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said he would cut a check to reimburse the general fund of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office for the cost of the statue of him saluting fallen deputies and first responders.

Come back to this post later in the day. I will add the podcast of the interview once I receive the audio.


2 thoughts on “Morgan to cut check for statue (podcast)

  1. As I read this I honestly thought that I am glad my Daddy has gone on to his reward! It would break his heart to see his beloved people of Escambia county paying the bill for Morgan’s narcissism. After his service in the Army, Daddy his gave his entire heart to this county for almost 40 years, and yet he would be APPALLED at the thought of a statue in his honor. Erect a statue for all of the fallen officers…..Don Cook, Eric Streeter, Sergeant Roosevelt Walker, and Lieutenant George Hura, just to name a few! Better yet, have the deputies and employees of the Sheriff’s Office decide the best way to use it! Such a sad and disgraceful way to end an administration! I guess I am being nostalgic for the days when men of honor were just that. I suppose my bar was set high! A least he paid it back when his back was to the wall.

  2. He is so very arrogant. That is why he went through so many Chief Deputies. It is hard to be loyal to someone for very long if they are all about themselves. I respect that he was in the military, but he was just a security guard. He never had the background or experience to be Sheriff. Unfortunately the voters did not know the difference, and luckily nothing occurred during his administration that brought his lack of true law enforcement experience to light. How about making life size statues of the fallen deputies that were killed in the line of duty?

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