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Friday July 25th 2014

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MOBy misses the point

MOBy misses the point

PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien (MOBy) misses the point on the county commission's debate over hotels vs. condos on Pensacola Beach in his column today (Less government,' some say, until meddling suits their purposes). Santa Rosa Island is owned by all the people of Escambia County, and commissioners [...]

Inane radio

Inane radio

While in bed on  Friday, I caught a few minutes of WCOA's Pensacola Speaks with Luke McCoy ...gives you an idea of how sick I was....it was truly a surreal moment listening to McCoy and his listeners discuss the firing of Don Imus. They were lamenting about not knowing how to make fun of [...]

Down for the count – open thread

Down for the count – open thread

I'm in bed battling the flu today. Use this post as an open thread - post your ideas on any topic. I'll catch up on Saturday.

PNJ- 8 days – no FF story

....good issue in daily newspaper though

PNJ – 7 days

No story of Escambia Fire protection.....maybe they're working on a big Sunday cover story.

Blog view 4/12/07

Blog view 4/12/07

Kevin White builds up $20K war chest

The commissioner for District 5 has raised enough money to scare off serious challengers $20,805.00 - See Q1 (1/1/2007 - 3/31/2007) The developer/construction community loves him.

Challenger David Morgan raises $7000

which he has spent Q1 (1/1/2007 - 3/31/2007)

McNesby raises $27,061

The incumbent Republican sheriff raised $27,061 in the first quarter of 2007. Check out:Q1 (1/1/2007 - 3/31/2007)

Hawkshaw – possibility

Sam & Ruby - from Nashville Click this YouTube video: This I Know Hawkshaw tickets are on sale at Regions & AmSouth locations.

PNJ watch -six days and counting

still no story on the Escambia County volunteer firefighters. Since we wrote on the problems, WEAR TV 3 has done at least 3 reports. WUWF radio - 2.  PNJ - 0. The elderly who depend on the daily newspaper are completely in the dark on the issues surrounding county fire protection. When the [...]

Blog view – 4/11/07

Blog view – 4/11/07

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