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Tuesday August 4th 2015

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Did you know?

Conservative Christians have there on Wikipedia - Conservapedia. Of course bloggers and pranksters are having a field day posting phony articles. Read Wired article

A presidential candidate you may not know

Ron Paul's Presidential Exploratory Committee YouTube video www.ronpaulexplore.org Ron Paul on MySpace This isn't an endorsement. For informational purposes only.

Access Escambia – sales tax

Access Escambia  – sales tax

The proposal by Access Escambia to have a half-cent sales tax to help pay for doctor visits for the uninsured has surfaced two area of opposition - besides those against everything: Those angry over county government's budget and its spending Those angry over federal government welfare and [...]

Pensacola loses out again

On Thursday, February 15, President Bush signed into law - H.J.Res. 20, which provides FY 2007 appropriations through September 30, 2007, for continuing projects and activities of the Federal Government. It increases Section 8 funding by $502 million. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Except that [...]

Who may bid on Maritime Park?

Here are the vendors who got requests for qualification packets for the Vince Whibbs Community Maritime Park: Vendor List pdf

CMPA report to City Council

To: Mayor and Members of the Pensacola City Council From: Lacey A. Collier, Chairman //LAC Community Maritime Park Associates, Inc. Board of Trustees Date: March 5, 2007 Re: Community Maritime Park Update to City Council The Board of trustees of the Community [...]

Referendum for health care

Referendum for health care

HEALTHY TAX How do you solve the costly and unhealthy problem of the uninsured in Escambia County? Access Escambia supporters believe one answer is a ½-cent sales tax to provide basic primary care to the working poor, who do not qualify for any other health care assistance. Four other [...]

One more time….with feeling

One more time….with feeling

I posted this as a comment at the end of one of the Suter posts and thought it might help to post again here. Our readership has gone up significantly in February. Some may not understand what blogging, and particularly this blog, is all about. ___________________ The purpose of this blog is [...]

And then there was one

And that one is Dave Murzin. As soon as W.D. Childers left the state legislature, its leaders set up the Panhandle districts to keep weaken Escambia County's representation. All the districts were craved up to include portions of Santa Rosa and, in some cases, Okaloosa and Walton counties. Of [...]

Ford wins – sweeps GB

Gulf Breeze totals: C. V. (Clay) Ford (REP) 1,027 (80.5%) Elizabeth Campbell (DEM) 249 (19.5%) Escambia County 45 of 45 Precincts Reporting* C.V. (Clay) Ford 6,275 (53.0%) Elizabeth Campbell 5,575 (47.0%)

Ford ahead

In Escambia Co. 43 of 45 precincts C.V. (Clay) Ford    5,744    (52.5%) Elizabeth Campbell    5,198    (47.5%)

Jerry’s Cajun on fire

Just got a phone call. Pensacola's favorite Cajun Rest. on Ninth Ave is on fire. Fire trucks are working to put it out but most of the building is in flames. No one appears injured.

GB voter turnout

At 8:30 - 105 voted At 11:30 - 385 votes cast

Soccer Mom power

Soccer Mom power

I was asked yesterday - Why is the Soccer mom vote so strong on the East side of Pensacola? With every Soccer mom, you get her vote, her husband's vote, her parents' votes, her in-laws' votes and her best friend's vote.  Each Soccer Mom vote is worth a minimum of six others. Soccer moms [...]

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