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Wednesday April 1st 2015

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Obama, Romney Tied In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania,

FLORIDA: Obama 42 - Romney 45 OHIO: Obama 45 - Romney 42 PENNSYLVANIA: Obama 44 - Romney 43 One year before the presidential election, President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are running neck and neck in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the three states that for the [...]

Not the best defense for Herman Cain (video)

"For every woman who says I harassed them, "thousands" say I didn't." -Herman Cain

Rick Perry has brain fart in debate

Texas Governor Rick Perry has a major brain fart at Wednesday night's CNBC debate: "I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when I get there that are gone. Commerce, Education, and the—what's the third one there? Let's see." Then his opponents tried to help him remember. A few [...]

Uh… is this mic on? Take 2

Obama Taxes Christmas. And everyone in Whoville is really upset. How come his people didn’t see that one coming? Read more.

Proposed bill would restrict local goverments’ ability to charge impact fees or collect for new schools, roads

HB 603 by Rep. Michael Weinstein, R-Orange Park, would prohibit cities and counties from applying impact fees until July 1, 2015 unless approved by a two-thirds commission vote. Likewise, proportionate share mitigation for transportation or school concurrency could not be applied during that period [...]

Privatizing prison health care hits snags

Privatizing prison health care hits snags

From St. Pete Times: As Florida faces legal obstacles in its plan to turn dozens of state prisons over to a private firm, a second privatization venture, a campaign pledge of Gov. Scott, faces harsh criticism. Read more.

Voters spoke out yesterday

Ohio's anti-union law was repealed yesterday. And Mississippi's weird personhood constitutional amendment failed. Money & Fox News doesn't always win. The voters are still in control. Ohio vote repeals union limit law from BBC News - Home A law limiting the collective bargaining powers [...]

Notes on Cain campaign

Does looking outside of politics for candidates ever work? Why do Americans want to turn to businessmen to fix political messes? The Economist’s blog detailed a bleak track record of non-politician administrations. Read more.

Painting stolen by Nazis seized in Tallahassee

Painting stolen by Nazis seized in Tallahassee

Press Release: A masterpiece work of art – "Christ Carrying the Cross" – stolen as part of the widespread Nazi plunder of World War II, was seized last week by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). The painting was seized through formal [...]

75 percent of Americans approve Iraq withdrawal

75 percent of Americans approve Iraq withdrawal

The GOP may want to reconsider its attacks on President Obama over his withdrawal of troops from Iraq. The attacks might win a Republican primary or straw poll, but not a general election. The latest Gallup poll shows that three out of four Americans approve of the [...]

Cain’s presidential bubble has burst

Cain’s presidential bubble has burst

Herman Cain’s sexual-harassment scandal has begun to hurt his poll numbers. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll found that the number of Republicans who view Cain favorably has dropped 9 points, from 66 to 57 percent. His support has also dipped among all registered voters, from 37 percent to 32 percent. [...]

Huntsman’s daughter spoof Cain “smoking” ad

Girls have fun.

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