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Saturday December 20th 2014

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Ten years of City Government

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) have a wealth of information on the current Pensacola government. Pensacola has lost population over the past ten years. Pensacola had 60,994 people in 1999. By 2008, the city population had shrunk to 56,373—a 7.5 percent loss. Meanwhile, [...]

One more Fairchild PAC

I overlooked another short-lived political action committee formed by Charlie Fairchild in September 2008: Citizens for Constitutional Integrity. Of course, there will be another that he will form next year to oppose whatever the Consolidation Committee recommends.

Power of the Pensacola voter

Under the present charter, Pensacola voters have very little power. A voter can not impact the direction, programs or initiatives of Pensacola government, without the consent of the city manager and his staff. A Pensacola voter can elect only four council members --his/her district, two at-large [...]

Billings update: Four face death penalty

Alleged leader Patrick Gonzalez Jr, Donnie Ray Stallworth, Wayne Thomas Coldiron and Frederick Lee Thornton Jr. face the death penalty in the murders of Byrd and Melanie Billings. All four entered the Billings house on the evening of July 9. Suspects have fingered Gonzalez as the one who shot and [...]

Don Caton replaced his father as city attorney

The insider of control of the Pensacola City Attorney position goes back further than I realized. Don Caton replaced his father, Dave Caton, as the city attorney. Dave Caton was City Attorney from 1967-1971 -which means for 42 years the position has been handed down from one assistant city attorney [...]

IHMC gets $750K federal grant…for Ocala

According to the Ocala.com, U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Ocala, persuaded the House to pass his request to fund research by the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) for better defending Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems from attack. IHMC has acquired the former library [...]

Fairchild speaks

Charles Fairchild also addressed the Pensacola City Council to announce the formation of his latest Political Action Committee - "No Boss Mayor." He tells the council that under the new charter that the council will have no power. -------------- What are the powers of the current city [...]

City Council fails to open hire, for 39 years

The current council-manager system isn't working. It has become a weak mayor-weak council system. The Pensacola City Council, under the current charter, has two hires, city manager and city administrator. The Council has failed to open the city attorney position to interviews outside the city's [...]

Crist report card

The Miami Herald has published a report card on Gov. Charlie Crist, who is running for the US Senate in 2010. Check it out.

FWB native can dance

FWB native can dance

Daily News reports that Kimalee Piedad advanced to the Las Vegas audition round of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” The 25-year-old native of Fort Walton Beach began, at age 9, studying and performing with Northwest Florida Ballet. She performed in a number of solo roles in high school and [...]

Longevity pay lives

Jamie Page reports on his blog that at its Thursday Committee of the Whole meeting, Escambia County commissioners voted unanimously in favor of a request from County Fire Chief Frank Edwards to offer longevity pay to his volunteers. The final vote is next Thursday, Oct. 15. When the ESCO [...]

Tallahassee Charter is longer

Tallahassee Charter is longer

Opponents to the proposed charter appear to be upset that the new city charter is 21 pages....actually it's 18 if don't count the cover page and index, but the naysayers never let facts get in their way of a negative opinion. I'm not sure why length is so important...I guess it insinuates that [...]

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