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Tuesday October 21st 2014

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WEAR TV owner stock plummets

Sinclair Broadcast Group, the owner of WEAR TV 3, in its n 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 10 said that it may have to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to declines in advertising. Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's Ratings Services downgraded their credit [...]

Mack has a plan for Port

In all the hubbub over Blue Angels Week, Santa Claus wanting Ferdinand Plaza and the numerous Sunshine Law investigations, Councilwoman Diane Mack's proposal for putting the Port of Pensacola up for sale got lost. Mack visited the IN offices today to discuss her idea. "I have spoken with [...]

Fourth arrest in the Billings murders

Fourth arrest in the Billings murders

Sheriff David Morgan announced tonight at an 8:30 pm press conference the arrest of Gary Lamont Sumner, Jr. Sumner is one of the two black males in the Gulf Breeze WalMart photo with Patrick Gonzalez. Sumner had been arrested by Okaloosa County law enforcement during a traffic stop for [...]

WEAR: Coldiron did landscape work for the Billings

WEAR TV 3 interviewed the step daughter of Wayne Coldiron. Coldiron has been arrested for the murders of the Billings. The step daughter, Dawn Center, told WEAR that Coldiron did landscape work for the Billings. See interview.

Rape victim’s poem possibly linked to accused Billings murder

Wayne Coldiron is the second person suspected of murdering the Billings. I got this post to the blog. We can't verify that the rape took place and only post to show that someone has posted this poem on the Internet. The poem was posted August 17, 2004 at 20:04:51. There is the post: Rick, [...]

Billings Murder Video

Here is the video that the ECSO released today on the intruders entering the north side of the Billings residence. The camera had filmed every three seconds.

Billings press conference

Billings press conference

Sheriff David Morgan said at the 3 p.m. press conference that the ECSO is looking for three black males and possibly white male who were involved in the Billings murder. Morgan release a video of two males dressed in "Ninja garb" entering the northside of the Billings residence through an unlocked [...]

Patrick Gonzalez facebook account

Patrick Gonzalez facebook account

http://www.facebook.com/patpoff?v=wall&viewas=1126945178 His last post is Saturday night two days after the murders. The day after the murders, Gonzalez posted: "Was feeling a little ill yesterday, but today I feel great. Now Tabatha isn't feeling so hot. 24 hr. bug? Anyone else got it?" Fri [...]

Patrick Gonzalez Myspace page

Check out this link: http://www.myspace.com/billherkel. His last post on his mood, dated July 8 - night before murders ---Patrick Gonzalez "making a move for humanity" Mood: adventurous adventurous. According to his page, Patrick and his wife Tabitha Gonzalez received the SERVICE TO MANKIND [...]

Project FightBack

Patrick Gonzalez's self defense group was called "Project FIGHTBACK." It was described as providing Abduction Awareness and Kidnap Prevention Training to children in the North West Florida Area and Women's Self Defense and Rape Awareness Classes free of charge to All participants.

Damn, Santa Rosa County commissioners break Sunshine

I've been delivered a set of emails that show that Santa Rosa County Commissioners Bob Cole and Gordon Goodin used their email accounts to discuss county business, which may be a violation of the state's Sunshine Laws. Check these out and specifically see how the commissioners discuss votes and [...]

More GV emails

I think this is the last set of emails to/from Commissioner Valentino with BPM on economic development. There are some duplicates from earlier posts. I am posting as I received them without comment. (more…)

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