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Thursday November 26th 2015

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ECUA figures out recycling

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority board will vote Thursday on whether to offer curbside recycling to its 62,500 residential customers in its garbage pickup area. Two board members, Elvin McCrovey and Larry Walker have already told the daily newspaper that they are against it. ECUA's Citizens [...]

School Budget – it’s a mystery

Today, Escambia County school board meets today on its 2008-09 budget. They and the administration are the only ones who know how the school is spending our tax dollars. Escambia County and City of Pensacola have their budgets and financial reports on their websites. The School District does [...]

Mark Bell

I came across this great story on Pensacolian Mark Bell, who is teaching at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire. Read Concord Monitor

Blog has busiest day ever

Blog has busiest day ever

We had 11,171 visitors yesterday to this blog - our busiest day ever. Most Popular Topics: Erin Markes, Suter Elementary, Escambia County Commission and Community Maritime Park. This is phenomenal - plus I am very pleased with how these topics are being debated and discussed. Remember if you [...]

Ford raises nearly $60K – mostly local

State Rep. Clay Ford has accumulated a huge war chest ($59,270) - a good bit is from locals. He has PAC money, too. Pensacola: $18,430 Gulf Breeze: $6,850 Milton:$950 Pace: $325 Pensacola Beach: $1,500 Here is the pdf: ford.pdf

PACs love Evers, too

State Rep. Greg Evers has getting the love from gambling and healthcare, too. Total raised: $28,050. 2/6/2007 250 EVERS GREG -STATE REP. / FARMER 3/5/2007 500 LEJEUNE ADVERTISING ASSOCIATES, INC 3/5/2007 500 WEST FLAGLER ASSOCIATES LTD. -AMUSEMENT/RACING 3/5/2007 500 RONALD [...]

Murzin raises $35.6K

Since Jan. 1, 2007, State Rep. Dave Murzin has raised $35,600 - very little is from local residents. Most is from state and national groups. Telecommunications: $7,500 Healthcare related: $4,100 Real Estate: $3,000 Gambling & Alcohol: $3,000 Attorneys and government consultants: [...]

WEAR TV covers Markes interview

Dan Thomas reports on the IN Your Head Radio interview with Erin Markes. Thomas does a good job of showing how overboard CNN's Nancy Grace and the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office were on this case. Video Note: WEAR TV is constantly updating its website with new stories so I am not sure how [...]

Radio: Erin Markes

Here is my exclusive interview with Erin Markes Listen: Erin Markes 4.18.08

Erin Markes on the Radio

Erin Markes on the Radio

Erin Markes will be interviewed today on IN Your Head Radio. The teenage mother was arrested by Santa Rosa Sheriff's office, but has not been charged by the State Attorney, for the criminal neglect of her son, age 4, who was hospitalized last month weighing less than 15 pounds. Erin will not [...]

FEMA money troubles

We keep hearing rumors about the Federal Emergency Management Agency investigating the Escambia County Sheriff's Office over its expenditures of FEMA monies after hurricanes Ivan and Dennis. It may be nothing more than a routine audit. However, Baldwin County, Ala. does have problems. According [...]

Notes: BCC regular 4.17.08

These are comprehensive and long - but there are few choice items: Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting – April 17, 2008 – 5:30 p.m. Governmental Complex – First Floor Called to order at 5:35 p.m. All commissioners were present. Commissioners’ Forum. "I would like to [...]

Radio: Sir Harry Kroto

Nobel Prize winner Sir Harold Kroto - also a Florida State University - talks about how the Florida legislature would be making a big mistake if it mandates that public schools must teach Creationism and Intelligent Design. Listen: Dr. Kroto

Notes: BCC agenda meeting 4.17.08

Board of County Commissioners Special Meeting - April, 17, 2008 - 8:55 a.m. Called to Order at 8:56 a.m. A recommendation was made to ratify the scheduling of an attorney/client session for April 17, 2008 at 3:45 p.m. for Roads, Inc. of NWG versus Escambia County - Robert R. McLaughlin, [...]

Notes: Charter review 4.16.08

April 16 Charter Review Commission meeting notes: Near the beginning of the meeting, chairperson Crystal Spencer talked about the budget the CRC now has, after herself and consultant William Haraway were in the “hot seat.” There were three motions on the issue during a Committee of the [...]

Suter is a headache

Suter Elementary parents refuse to quietly go away....especially when it comes to possible closure of their highly successful, but small, neighborhood school. It could be the issue that undoes Patty Hightower's re-election bid for her School Board seat. Monday, Hightower, school administrators [...]

Interview on Markes case

Interview on Markes case

Here is my interview with Santa Rosa Press Gazette reporter Jeni Senter on the Erin Markes hearing on April 16: Listen: Jeni Senter

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