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Wednesday October 1st 2014

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Unrest in the black community

The arrest of John Wyche for allegedly misusing nearly $500,000 has got leaders in the black community nervous. Though some will admit off the record that Wyche maybe a crook, there still is fear that the black leaders are being targeted. There is "circle the wagons" mentality developing. The [...]

Oops, Sansom letter went to reporter

The major daily newspapers in Northwest Florida have articles on Randy Sansom, the older brother of State Rep. Ray Sansom, raising money for the indicted official's legal defense. Ray Sansom has been charged with official misconduct and perjury over dealings with then Northwest Florida State [...]

Valentino recruited Sindel to run against Grover

We've published the email in which Commissioner Gene Valentino cursed his fellow commissioners Grover Robinson and Kevin White and said he wanted to garner support to run a candidate against them (Read email). Commissioner Valentino told PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien: ""I regret those comments" [...]

The Economic Development Question

Does the Escambia County Commission want to create the PEDA - Pensacola Economic Development Authority - or any government body to control and handle day-to-day operations of economic development in the county? Yes or No. Commissioner Gene Valentino's motion should be "I move that the [...]

Pensacola: focus of Naval Aviation Centenniel

Craig Dalton, senior vp for military affairs at the Chamber, says the Pensacola will be the focal point of the Navy's celebration of the first 100 years of Naval Aviation in 2011. As part of the celebration, Pensacola will host the commissioning of the USS William P. Lawrence. The USS William P. [...]

Gulf Coast airports compete for Southwest

Gulf Coast airports compete for Southwest

Pensacola has an opportunity to get Southwest Airlines for the Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport. If we get it, Southwest officials have said that it could mean 9.000 more passengers a week flying into Pensacola. In 2001, the Pensacola Chamber lured AirTran by getting 319 businesses to pay [...]

Buzz: City employees may form union

Buzz: City employees may form union

We have heard the Pensacola city employees are considering forming a union. Attorney Roy Kinsey has reportedly been approached to be their attorney.

Nodine misstated private commitment

Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine misstated the private sector's commitment to economic development. He said it was $10 million commitment over two years. The program called Partners for Growth is a five-year commitment. 80 Mobile area businesses have pledged $9.24 million over five [...]

Lee’s Summit EDC close to Chamber plan

One of Gene Valentino's experts was Jim Devine, president/CEO of Lee's Summit (MO) Economic Development Council. It is a public-private partnership with the business community providing significant dollars....sounds like the Chamber concept. Its public and utility members include: • City of [...]

No need for PEDC review, only one decision

Economic Development hinges on one decision that only the Escambia County Commission can make: Should Valentino's PEDA (Pensacola Escambia Development Authority that has the commissioners appointing themselves or personal representatives) be in charge of economic development? All the other [...]

Valentino/Birdwell strategy

Their strategy is clear--delay voting on economic development as long as possible in hopes of building a ground swell against the Chamber. Yes, against the Chamber, not for Commissioner Valentino's vague proposal. It's clear in Valentino's comments that his issue is with the Chamber. A very [...]

Commissioner Valentino’s comments

The BOCC referred the economic development to the PEDC for further discussion. Here are Commissioner Valentino's comments on today's meeting (the emphasis is his): I’m excited and grateful that the dialogue and engaging conversation surrounding economic dev and the future of it will continue [...]

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