Poll: Comments by Underhill out of step with District 2 voters

Escambia County Commissioner Doug Underhill took to Facebook to announce his disapproval of the March for Our Lives participants the morning of the rally. He wrote, “Good morning to all you marchers. You are wrong. My gun is not your problem, and my rights are not your business. Your fears and your hate are a very real danger to our Constitution. You are literally spending your Saturday demanding the government take away your rights. Pathetic.”

In a Facebook comment to NewsRadio 1620 radio host Andrew McKay, Underhill wrote, “Andrew, it was the socialist experiment of this radically leftist south Florida town that created the monster that did this AND (his emphasis) the little monsters who are parading around pointing the finger at people like me.”

When the questioned by the News Journal, Underhill said he posted about the issue because what he was seeing in press coverage of the March For Our Lives protests didn’t reflect what he said were the views of the majority of Escambia County residents.

According to an Inweekly/Political Matrix poll of 399 likely voters in Escambia County District 2, conducted between April 6 and April 7, few of the commissioner’s constituents agreed with his statements. Only 33 percent agreed with Underhill’s calling the participants of the March for Our Lives rallies “pathetic.” Even fewer agreed with him using “little monsters” to describe the the survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting who joined the rallies, 22 percent.

District 2 voters were also asked whether they believed the people who participated in the March for Our Lives rally were unpatriotic. Over 57 percent said no. Only 27 percent believed the participants were unpatriotic.

Commissioner Doug Underhill called the locals who participated in the Pensacola March for Our Lives Rally “pathetic,” do you agree with his statement?

Total %
Yes 133 33.3%
No 186 46.6%
Undecided 80 20.1%

Commissioner Doug Underhill called the survivors of the shooting in Parkland, Florida who participated in the national March for Our Lives Rally “little monsters.” Do you agree with his statement?

Total %
Yes 90 22.6%
No 242 60.7%
Undecided 67 16.8%


Do you believe that the people who participated in the March for Our Lives rally were unpatriotic?

Total %
Yes 107 26.8%
No 228 57.1%
Undecided 64 16.0%


The persons sampled were called using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and were called during the hours of 2-8 p.m. between April 6-7. The phone numbers called were provided by the Escambia Supervisor of Elections Office. The Margin of Error for this study is +/- 4% with a confidence level of 95%.


13 thoughts on “Poll: Comments by Underhill out of step with District 2 voters

  1. Noticed there’s no mention of the NRA, a defacto gun lobbyist group with Russia money ties. NRA board member, Ted Nugent still verbal attacks the students as he excites violence urging nutjobs to shoot Democrats ‘Like Coyotes. One shouldn’t need a party label of DEM to call Nugent out.

    Sensible adults need to stand with and protect the students as they exercise their constitutional rights.

    I’ll venture to say, political party labels and affiliations are more important to adults. The students seek more than standard REP “do nothing” response of “thoughts and prayers” after mass shootings. If it happens to turn out that the adults assisting and defending the students rights to engage in Democratic Engagement are DEMs that speaks volumes.

    And, regarding the constitution, conservative Justice Antonin Scalia clears up questions about gun rights and the constitution when he stated: “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited…”. It is “…not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

  2. And thankfully, individuals representing our county commission are not directly elected by push polls, internet forums or groups of outraged citizens. If, and when the people in District 2 want someone else to represent them, that person will be elected.

    Just my opinion.

  3. Gary I voted for Underhill and have followed him closely since elected. If you have been listening to him you would realize this latest example is not the reason he needs to be voted out of office. Speak to any escambia county school employee and ask what Doug Underhill has said about them. Doug embarreses our district every time he opens his mouth.

  4. I got the phone call and almost hung up but I did participate and was happy I decided to answer the questions. Thank you for going the extra mile to heat our voices.

  5. Clearly, his statements conveyed his position regarding the students protests for greater gun control legislation and the children protesting the lack thereof.

  6. EPenn,
    The second part of the poll asked voters about the gun reforms being discussed. It will be published in the April 12 issue. Some will be surprised by the responses.

  7. The poll wasn’t about the position he took, it was about how the commissioner conveyed it…I don’t see any questions about gun rights… just saying…

  8. I never think kids are monsters or pathetic. I am deeply concerned about the trauma they all suffered by losing so many friends. Bottom line, classmates LOST their lives and it is horrifying.

    Who I declare as monsters and pathetic:
    1.) Those that have exploited these children to forward their agenda.
    2.) Those in the media that ignore the real problems to forward their gun control agendas.
    3.) Those media outlets that setup these kids, ill-informed and ignorant to the Constitution and the subject matter.
    4.) Those in Congress that absolutely REFUSE and I mean DEMS and REPS to address the real problems which is mental illness, access to weapons by those with no business. Developing solutions for background check in the private sales market as well as the Gun Shows. Having mental health restraining orders whereby if you are have been shown to be unstable an order can be obtained through the court with an opportunity and process, DUE PROCESS to get your rights restored.
    5.) The extreme left that are financing and providing material support to these marches to forward their agendas using these kids as their pawns.

    These are the scumbags… using these kids tragedy to further their liberal and alt left agenda. So, Doug is wrong attacking the children who quite frankly have been duped into this role by those wanting to manipulate them and their experience.

  9. These polls are about as accurate as a crooked arrow. If they had showed that district two stood by Doug’s comments, you would have never seen them. Ricks liberal blog likes to stir the pot. He is about to get cancelled by many, just like the old mullet wrapper. We demand more from our politicians, but then when they become human and step outside the box, the media kills them. Just report it Rick. No drama. The people can decide on their own.

  10. I think it is entirely appropriate for Rick to highlight when an “elected official’s” statement and actions are not consistent with the constituents who elected them to represent them. The voters need to know when the “representative” is representing a “position” that is opposed to their positions.

  11. The poll confirms Underhill joining the ranks of tone deaf politicians seeking relevance and visibility by relying on red meat issues will backfire. CIVIL DISCOURSE, especially with students, would’ve been far more effective if he is seeking relevance.

  12. Rick Scott with A-plus rating from the National Rifle Association recently signed a gun bill breaking his ties with the NRA. Underhill’s red-meat antics attacking students protesting is not producing the desired outcome? Looking forward to the #VoteHimOut backlash.

  13. Rick, Rick, Rick….are you trying to be the new Andy Marlette….Andy likes to attack folks first by slandering their character as racists…..he did it twice in the same snapper wrapper a few months back….with an opinion and with a cartoon, two different folks he branded though……now you are attacking Doug…..Doug may not be one of my favorites but please…..this is a non issue and if is the reason folks decide whether or not to vote for a county commissioner, shame on them…..there are plenty of legitimate reasons out there…..attacking Doug on this one, doing faux polls, well that is just opportunistic, hate mongering…..you are better than that…..not sure I can say the same about Andy!

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