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Friday December 19th 2014

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Peacock Disputes FOP’s Statement

Downtown Improvement Board member John Peacock is disputing the local police union’s version of a Gallery Night incident it brought before the Pensacola City Council last night. For starters, he said he did not refer to officers as ‘terrorists.’ “Did I use the word ‘terrorists?’ Yes. [...]

City Explores Charter School

Should the city of Pensacola start a charter school? It’s a question the Pensacola City Council may decide to start exploring tonight. “It’s really saying, ‘the city needs to take it’s destiny in its own hands,’” Councilwoman Megan Pratt said today. Pratt brought the issue to [...]

Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park Foundation shows no receivable or income from VFW Post

Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park Foundation shows no receivable or income from VFW Post

In 2004, the Vietnam Veterans Wall South Foundation filed a report with the state to change its name to Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park Foundation (Wallnamechange). The website GuideStar shows the Form 990 financial statements of non-profits. The Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park Foundation [...]

Exclusive: Military feared Wall South funds would be diverted to a drinking hooch. They were right

The former treasurer of the Wall South Foundation says that Commander of the Defense Commissary Agency that raised half million dollars for the ongoing maintenance of the Wall South project in Pensacola feared that some of the Pensacola veterans involved in the project would "build themselves a [...]

Mack, Nelson Rally Local Supporters

Mack, Nelson Rally Local Supporters

Both candidates for Florida’s U.S. Senate race made their way to Pensacola this week en route to Election Day. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) started off the week with a visit to Dharma Blue, followed by Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) today at Seville Quarter. During their local stops, each candidate [...]

City Council’s Back

After a lengthy break due to technical difficulties at city hall, the Pensacola City Council will meet today for its Committee of the Whole. The council will be making appointments to several local boards and commissions, as well as discussing the possibility of municipal charter schools and [...]

Crime, Code Enforcement and District 6

By Shelby Smithey... Crime and code ordinances were hot topics at Mayor Ashton Hayward’s “Taking City Hall to the Citizens” town hall meeting last night for residents in district 6. Hayward held his 14th town hall meeting since he took office at the E.S. Cobb Neighborhood Resource [...]

Mayor Hosts District 6 Town Hall Meeting

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward will be hosting a town hall meeting this evening. The meeting is a continuance of the Taking City Hall to the Citizens series. The mayor will meet with residents tonight at the E.S. Cobb Neighborhood Resource Center to discuss concerns and answer questions. The [...]

Weekend news roundup: trial, Airbus, Impact, new website

Weekend news roundup: trial, Airbus, Impact, new website

1. Last trial on Okaloosa County Sheriff kickback schemes Former Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office employee Randall Holcombe faces court today in Pensacola charges for racketeering and grand theft charges--the last trial involving Sheriff Charlie Morris' bonus kickback schem. Morris’ [...]

Library Wars

Following a week of back-and-forth over library funding during which city of Pensacola Administrator Bill Reynolds equated recent positions taken by Escambia County as “extortion,” county commissioners unloaded this morning, connecting the library issue with other points of contention like Gulf [...]

Library Letters in ‘Chinatown’

The library system was a topic of discussion last time the Escambia County Commission met, and chances are it will be tomorrow as well. While it’s not on the commission’s Committee of the Whole agenda, enough has transpired over the past week to fuel a conversation. During its Oct. 4 [...]

A Bicyclist’s Dream

Today’s roadways are designed for the automobile. On many stretches, bikers and walkers finds themselves living on the edge between the curb and the cars. “As in, if-you-suck-in-your-gut-and-pray-real-hard-you-might-make-it,” Pensacola City Councilwoman Megan Pratt described a particularly [...]

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