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Wednesday August 20th 2014

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‘Pensacola’ Archives

What did the Charter Commission decide about the Mayor’s veto power

What was the discussion by the City of Pensacola's Charter Commission regarding the mayor's veto powers? At its Feb. 18, 2009 meeting, the Pensacola Charter Commission discussed the mayor's veto power, focusing on limits to that power. Mr. Robert Holmes made a motion --"Mayor may veto any [...]

Sidewalk Rules: DIB’s Version Recommended

Taking a look at proposed regulations governing outdoor cafes, the Pensacola Planning Board decided yesterday to embrace changes suggested by the Downtown Improvement Board. Most notably, the planning board rejected a suggestion by city staff to ban live and recorded amplified music in the sidewalk [...]

Mayor Hayward listens to District 1

Mayor Hayward listens to District 1

By Shelby Smithey... Mayor Ashton Hayward held his “Taking City Hall to the Citizens” town hall meeting on Monday at the Gull Point Neighborhood Resource Center to address issues from residents in District 1. The neighborhoods of Cordova Place, Eastgate and Scenic Heights, as well as the [...]

Hayward Discusses Veto

Mayor Ashton Hayward issued the first veto of his term yesterday afternoon. Before heading out to a town hall meeting in the evening, he sat down for a few minutes to discuss his decision. “I think it’s the right thing to do,” Hayward defended his veto. During last week’s budget [...]

Mayor Issues 1 Veto

Mayor Ashton Hayward has vetoed one of the amendments that the Pensacola City Council made last week to his proposed 2013 budget. In a statement issued this afternoon, the mayor vetoed an amendment that removed $220,000 from a marketing budget and placed it into the city council budget. The [...]

Upcoming Issues for Council

While the Pensacola City Council had a relatively light agenda during its regular meeting yesterday, the board did offer a preview of upcoming issues. Council President Sam Hall and Councilwoman Sherri Myers will soon be meeting to further discuss the hiring of a council executive. The board has [...]

Myers, LBJ motions: more council staff, chief of staff not target

Myers, LBJ motions: more council staff, chief of staff not target

Pensacola City Council members explain their motions to amend the 2012-13 city budget Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers said she would like to use the money city council recently moved out of marketing budgets and into their own for hiring a staff to assist the board. “I think that we [...]

Starting Down the RESTORE Road

The Escambia County Commission started down a long road this morning. It is a road potentially paved with many millions in treasure. When the federal government arrives at a dollar amount for Clean Water Act fines levied against BP, the RESTORE Act has guaranteed a good chunk of that money will [...]

Council’s Revenge

Council’s Revenge

If summer was the hunt, last night’s second public budget hearing was the kill. After a season of foreplay, the Pensacola City Council was ready to get down to business—the main event, the money-shot, the red meat. Council President Sam Hall laid it out pretty plainly for Chief Financial [...]

Larry’s List and the Misunderstood “Request”

Larry’s List and the Misunderstood “Request”

Pensacola City Councilman Larry B. Johnson said today that he has not yet approached the mayor’s chief of staff regarding possible conflicts of interest. The council suggested he do so Monday when the subject was discussed. “That’s kind of not on the front burner today,” Johnson said. [...]

City Budget Process sets stage for final public hearing

City Budget Process sets stage for final public hearing

The clock is ticking for the Pensacola City Council's approval of the 2012-13 budget. Tonight is the second budget hearing. Here is the history of this year's process using the notes of our reporter Jeremy Morrison: June 11 Mayor delivers budget to council Mayor Ashton Hayward delivered the [...]

Johnson’s Asmar Question

Just before the end of last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Pensacola City Councilman Larry B. Johnson asked the question again. He wanted to know why the mayor’s chief of staff had not disclosed his business relationships. “We have a part-time, contract employee that has a private [...]

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