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Monday August 3rd 2015

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Nobles: no pension panic

While researching for my Outtakes column, I ran across this quote from then-Councilman Jack Nobles from August 2005: "Let's reward employees and be fair to them. I'm not ready to push the panic button," he said. It was during the 2005 budget workshops when the council was facing yet another [...]

Batali drops f-bombs on King Juan Carlos

Celebrity chef Mario Batali lost his temper when the crowd at the $1,000-a-plate dinner during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival didn't quiet down when he got up to speak. He proceeded to blast them with f-bombs ---right in front of his honored guests, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia. Read [...]

Pension Tsunami

My posts on the City of Pensacola pensions caught the attention of the Pension watchdog blog, PensionTsunami.com. The author writes, "The purpose of this site is to provide an overview of the multiple pension crises that are about to drown America's taxpayers." The Gainesville Sun reports on [...]

Walker Holmes continues

Chapter 11 - Drinks at Intermission: chapter-11

Weekly Wood report

From Charles Wood, Senior VP Economic Development, Pensacola Chamber: Following the Royals to Miami – After speaking during the breakfast ceremony this morning which hosted both the Spanish Ambassador and Consul General, I will be in Miami tomorrow for the business meeting which will include [...]

Suspect caught

Press release from ECSO: Suspect in Sexual Encounter Caught The suspect that accosted a woman earlier this morning is in custody and charged with Burglary, Battery and Lewd/Indecent Exposure. The suspect, Keith William Smith, (44) of Pensacola was arrested at a relative’s home at around [...]

State officials look into mental health alternatives

Miami Herald reports: State lawmakers and top state officials on Friday morning will tour the psychiatric unit at the Miami-Dade's Pre-Trial Detention Center to learn about alternatives to jailing mentally ill inmates. On the tour will be Miami-Dade County Judge Steven Leifman, a longtime mental [...]

Female assaulted near UWF

This UWF alert was sent to all students: 2/20-This morning female assaulted Publix 9 mile/Univ. Pkwy. suspect: white male wearing tshirt, no pants, red shldr length hair in grey 4dr Saturn. Update: Crime Alert: Female Assaulted in Publix Parking Lot The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office [...]

Inside PD Owens reorganization

Much was made of the massive reorganization of the District 1 Public Defender's office. However, documents given to IN reveal the new Public Defender James Owens has added more attorneys, reduced support staff and saved the taxpayers $233,799 in payroll. Two of the former employees that PNJ [...]

Judge Collier responds to Mack on CMP

Dear Diane: Please let me apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail of last Sunday, but I just learned of it Tuesday afternoon from a news reporter. Monday, as you probably know, was a federal holiday and I was in court Tuesday morning as had not checked my CMPA e-mail until your [...]

Deputy Juan Carlos

As a goodwill gesture, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan made the Secret Service agents and the King Juan Carlos' bodyguards honorary deputies. The King was so impressed that he asked to also be made an honorary deputy.

King Juan Carlos’ Toast

Toast by His Majesty the King of Spain at the National Naval Aviation Museum Governor Crist, Senators Nelson and Martinez, Authorities, Congressman Miller, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you very much for your kind and generous words. Thank you also for the warm welcome you have given to the [...]

City unfunded pension liability is up 80 percent

According to the City of Pensacola's comprehensive financial reports, the unfunded liability for the pension funds is much greater than it was in 1998: General Pension 1998 unfunded liability: $29,228,000 2007: $50,312,000 Net increased: $21,084,000 72% Fireman Pension 1998 unfunded [...]

City Pension membership analysis

General Pension Membership Retirees and beneficiaries receiving benefits: 555 Terminated plan members entitled to but not yet receiving benefits: 49 DROP plan members: 39 Active plan members: 389 Total 1,032 2007-08 City contribution: $7,122,567, $6901 per member, $16,641/active, drop [...]

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