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Saturday November 28th 2015

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Grouper fishing may be hurt

The St. Pete Times has a special report how Federal regulators may cut gag fishing in the gulf by 45 percent. Federal regulators took preliminary steps on Jan. 29 to reduce gag grouper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The proposed restrictions would close down recreational grouper fishing for three [...]

Paul pleads not guilty

PNJ reports that Defense attorney Frank Russo of St. Petersburg filed a written not guilty plea in court last Friday on Escambia County Schools Superintendent Jim Paul's behalf. The court hearing is next Wednesday on his misdemeanor DUI charge. According to Eric Stevenson, a local attorney who [...]

Why did Pensacola give pay raises?

Ghosts from the past: City of Pensacola automatic pay raises. The City wouldn't be having such a hard time cutting its budget if it hadn't given all its employees pay raises in October. The PNJ writes the Pensacola has to cut its budget $3.4 million because of Amendment 1. The 2007-08 pay [...]

Ricksblog picked up by Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing's blog picked up my analysis on Amendment 1. The link is to my blog. The tax amendment won in South Florida; stunning, really, given the Democratic nature of Broward, you would have thought that the union anti-amendment message would have found more fertile ground, but [...]

Revolt in Kingdom of Midway

Midway Fire District got spanked yesterday by the voters losing its referendum: Yes 1291 No 5391. This is a crushing defeat for MFD. Of course, the first reaction of Midway Chief Stephen Demeter - according to the PNJ - is to cut front line firefighters. Why is it that the chief, other [...]

Escambia County votes in big numbers

According to the Florida Secretary of State website, Escambia County had a 47.2% voter turnout - beating Santa Rosa (39.5%) and Okaloosa (41.6%). This is huge.

Hillary will win Florida in November

Did you notice how many people voted for Hillary Clinton - 856,944 (6900 of 6913 precincts). GOP winner John McCain only got 693,425. Yes, more Republicans voted overall - 1,835,822 to 1,679,710 - but Democratic candidates didn't even campaign in the state. Hillary Clinton is a stronger [...]

Amendment 1 wins

During our election coverage on NewsRadio 1620 last night, I told co-host Marty Stanovich that I believed that if Amendment 1 got more than 68 percent of the vote in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties that it would pass. Those counties voted 684,125 to 294,482 for the property tax [...]

Bye, Bye Rudy

Bye, Bye Rudy

Guiliani insiders are saying that the former New York City mayor will pull out of the GOP presidential race and throw his support to Sen. John McCain. Rudy had counted on the NY transplants in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties. Instead, he failed to win any of those counties. McCain beat [...]

Florida Beverage Sales makes German news

ERSOL NEWS: DNA Energy Drink to be Distributed by Florida Beverage Sales Aktuelle Nachrichten - veröffentlicht durch ad-hoc-news.de: MELBOURNE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- DNA Energy Drink (Pink Sheets:DNAB), the new and great tasting favorite of action sports enthusiasts and fans, today [...]

WKRG to go digital

CNN Money reports Retro Television Network (RTN), which is owned and distributed by Equity Media Holdings Corporation (Nasdaq:EMDA), announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Media General to bring RTN programming to Mobile, AL/Pensacola, FL and Columbus, GA. The new [...]

Davis is now a lobbyist

Newsmax.com reports that former Democratic candidate for Florida Governor, Jim Davis, is now a federal lobbyist: The one-year ban on lobbying by legislators who left Congress last year has just expired — and ex-lawmakers are flocking to Washington to take up new roles as lobbyists. Among [...]

Deputies getting signatures at polling places

We are receiving reports that Escambia County Sheriff Office administrator Mike Holloway and out of uniform deputies are at that Escambia Co. Extension Office, 3740 Stefani Road, Cantonment gathering petition signatures for two-term incumbent and their boss Ron McNesby to run for a third term. [...]

Miller votes down child health insurance

Veto Override on Children’s Health Insurance Program Extension and Improvement - Vote Failed (260-152, 19 Not Voting) The House fell 15 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to override President Bush’s veto of this bill reauthorizing and expanding the Children’s Health Insurance [...]

Attaboy for Outzen campaign

Attaboy for Outzen campaign

Blogger Agent Flynn has researched the names on the GOP presidential primary ballot in Arizona (Feb. 5) and writes this on my grassroots campaign: Host of “IN Your Head Radio” afternoon radio show in Pensacola, Florida. Here’s his announcement. Some other blurbs: Outzen has had a [...]

FL Supreme Court puts Downtown in limbo

FL Supreme Court puts Downtown in limbo

Spoke with two developers last weekend - one local, the other from out of town. Both have huge projects that they are trying to put together for downtown Pensacola. Both have put them on hold until the Florida Supreme Court issues its ruling on CRA funding of bonds. The projects will not be done in [...]

Vote No on Amendment 1

We should not have a constitutional amendment that restricts the funding of counties and cities. I am upset as nearly everyone is about the huge budgets of local governments. However, we can control this by electing better, more financially responsible people to office. We have to accept part of [...]

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